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Welcome to music production college. I collect a lot of music production videos. ! Logic studio,Ableton live,Cubase,Reason,Fl-studio,kontakt,auto-tune and many more. So take your time to wach them. you can wach them directly from here !!! I advise you to read allot and to see a lot of videos and practice! Maybe considering to go to music colleges and study more enjoy :) i will add new videos every couple of days Soon i will add articles about music colleges, production,mixing,and recordings New Producer Masterclass Tutorials !

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Novation Launchpad

Ableton Live controller

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Steinbergs latest version of cubase is out,

Cubase 5 and its a big update.
With the new tools and plugins cubase is a power editing audio program.
The new variaudio is a new way to edit the pitch and its
very similar to autotune and melodyne, and
it built into cubase and you don't need to buy third-party plug ins.
The new pitch correct plug-in is a real-time pitch correction wonderful tool.
Another new approvement is a articulations controller it let you
control your instruments in side cubase, and it relay
helpful to all music producers in the scoring music indrusty.
Beat Designer is another new plug in, MIDI step sequencer let you manipulate
and crate drum patterns.
Loopmash is another loop instrument it can cut your sampels and make a new sound.
Reverence is a new convolution reverb from Steinberg it sound
very good and its comes with cubase 5 for free.

Basically steinberg has taken all the best ideas from sonar, reasson, pro tools and logic
and put it in cubase 5.

Here are some examples cubase of the new futures.

Variaudio Audio Stretching

Cubase 5 Pitch Correct

Cubase using Beat Designer

Reverence reverb

Cubase LoopMash

Digidesign Pro Tools

Studio producer, pro tools is one of the best music software in the market.
It consider to be the leader in digital audio workstation, and have a couple of different versions.

Pro Tools HD systems

The biggest and the most complete version of pro-tools.

Work with up to up to 192 simultaneous audio tracks
Compose and mix music with up to 128 simultaneous Instruments

Pro Tools LE
More user affordable package.

Work with up to 48 simultaneous stereo audio tracks.
Music with up to 32 simultaneous Instrument tracks.
Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with up to 256 simultaneous midi.

Pro Tools M-Powered
Standalone version of Pro Tools software that works exclusively with m-audio hardware.

Works only with M-Audio interfaces.
48 simultaneous stereo audio tracks.

Learn the basics functions of Pro Tools software.

  • How to record tracks
  • Effects processing
  • Audio looping
  • Midi sequencing
  • Principles of mixing
  • Dynamics
  • Reverb and delays
The new Pro Tools 8 come up with serious improvements, and is a major update.

Pro Tools 8 HD Automation

Panning Automation in Pro Tools.

Send Effects

Pro Tools le sends and returns

Importing Audio

I/O setup with m box 2

Basic Track Editing

M-Powered 8 Virtual Instruments

Organize Pro Tools Before Mixing

Music Education and Music Colleges

Mixing Vocals in Pro Tools

Music Education and Music Colleges

Max Payne Theme Symphonic Orchestra

East West

Music Education and Music Colleges

Wordbuilder Symphonic Choris

Music Education and Music Colleges

Votox Language

Symphonic Choirs

Music Education and Music Colleges

Symphonic Choirs tutorial

Quantum Leap Choirs

Music Education and Music Colleges

Gypsy East West Quantum Leap

Music Education and Music Colleges

Projectsam Symphobia

Symphobia Symphonic Ensembles Orchestral

Music Education and Music Colleges


Motu CueMix FX

Totalmix RME

How To Use the Trimmer Tool

Pro Tools 8 hide or extend audio or midi regions.

Music Education and Music Colleges

Pro Tools Fades and Crossfades

Explains how to use fades and crossfades within Pro Tools 8.

Music Education and Music Colleges

Vegas Masking

Sony Vegas Tutorial

Teleport Effect

c Pro 8

Music Education and Music Colleges

pro tools 8 reason 4 rewire

MIDI Editor Window Pro Tools

Dedicated MIDI editor

Boom Virtual Instrument Pro Tools 8

Virtual instruments plug-ins Boom, the drum machine with swing.

Audio mastering tutorial

The Loudness War.
Manufacturers are distorting sounds to make them seem louder.

How to do your own audio mastering?

Mastering with Universal Audio Precision Plug-Ins

Music Education and Music Colleges

Simple Rnb Soul Fl studio Instrumental

hip hop music production

Hip Hop Strings Collab

Music Education and Music Colleges

building a home recording studio

Learn tips on how to build your own home recording studio.

And secrets of audio production Understanding MIDI and digital audio.

fruity loops tutorial for beginners

Professional sounding audio using this powerful Digital Audio Workstation.
Master FL Studio, new features, loops, audio settings, melody instruments, the mixer and mastering effects

Music Education and Music Colleges

Guitar in Pro Tools

Fatten Up Your Guitar Sound in Pro Tools

FL Studio Sidechain

Music Education and Music Colleges

in fl studio record

How to Get your voice into Fl Studio.

Garageband for windows

sonar 8

Cakewalk digital audio workstations gives you what you need for recording, composing, editing, mixing, and mastering.

Editing Clips, Loops, & Groups

Using Controllers in SONAR 8

Electronic production music

How to make electronic music
Creating, composing, editing and finalising.

Ableton Tutorial

How to produce music with Ableton live, video Tutorial about mixing, recording, mastering in Ableton.
Ableton can make your workflow very fast, check this tutorial.

Lining Up Your Acappella

Ableton sampling tutorial

Using the Sidechain in Ableton

Layer Drums in the Redrum

How To Layer Drums

Music Education and Music Colleges

Make The Girl Dance Baby Baby Baby

Fantastic video

How To Map MIDI Controls

How to use the MIDI Learn function within Pro Tools 8 and assign yor MIDI controlls.

Mastering in Reason

How to set up a Mastering Module in Reason 4

Abelton Live Global Quantization

How to keep our live DJ sets in time using different global quantization techniques.

how to setup and the basic functinos of the Vocoder within Record

Record - Recording Reason devices

Record - Timestretching

Music Education and Music Colleges

Record - Making Sub Groups

how to make mixing sub groups in propellerhead's record

sonar Vocal Editing

Adding Speed Fades to Midi

Stutter effects in

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Compressor

Empirical Labs EL7 FATSOs ingenious design and creative feature set gives users the wonderfully warm and pleasing sound of magnetic recording tape, class A transformers, and tube circuits.

Uad EMT 250

EMT 250 Powered Plug-In from Universal Audio.

UAD Moog Multimode FIlter

UA's Moog Multimode Filter plug-in

UAD Neve 1073 EQ Plugin

Reverse Vocal Effect

Vocal manipulation

Effectrix vst plug-in Sugar Bytes

Effectrix is a VST/Audio Unit which sequences effects such as XLoop, Scratch, Reverse, Stretch, Tonal Delay, Stutter, Vinyl, Crush, Filter, Phaser, Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

AudioRealism Bassline

Music Education and Music Colleges

D16 Drumazon and Devastor

Music Education and Music Colleges

Multi out VST and parallel compression

Studio One Import a Loop and Record Audio

PreSonus Studio One - Drag and Drop

VST Plugins with Pro Tools

VST plugins to be used with Pro Tools

New Michael Jackson Song This Is It

Remember the king of pop ! :)

Music Education and Music Colleges

Omnisphere Tutorial 2

Music Education and Music Colleges

Omnisphere overview

Music Education and Music Colleges

Omnisphere Sound Layering

Music Education and Music Colleges

Spectrasonics Omnisphere VSTi

Music Education and Music Colleges

Timbalands Producer Synth

Music Education and Music Colleges

Making A Track Beat With Reason

Music Education and Music Colleges

Scott Storch Beat Using Reason

Music Education and Music Colleges

Hip-hop tutorials

Music Education and Music Colleges

How to Flex Time Logic pro 9

How to Pitch Fades logic 9

how to Logic Pro 9 Speed Fades to Midi

How to Ableton Minimal Tech House

Electro house with logic Pro

Ableton Minimal / Tech House Course

How To Minimal House Techno Logic

Logic Minimal Tech

Creating Minimal Percussion Ableton Live

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