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Welcome to music production college. I collect a lot of music production videos. ! Logic studio,Ableton live,Cubase,Reason,Fl-studio,kontakt,auto-tune and many more. So take your time to wach them. you can wach them directly from here !!! I advise you to read allot and to see a lot of videos and practice! Maybe considering to go to music colleges and study more enjoy :) i will add new videos every couple of days Soon i will add articles about music colleges, production,mixing,and recordings New Producer Masterclass Tutorials !

Latest Tutorial Videos

Pro Tools - Multi Drums

music colleges

Producer Tutorial - Ian Carey

music education online

music education online

Producer Tutorial - D ramirez

Logic - Audio Regions Education

music education

Pro tools Transfuser

Pro Tools - Structure

Pro Tools - Strike

Pro tools - music education online

Ultrabeat Sidechain

Music Colleges in new york

Stylus RMX


Music Colleges london


logic studio - music education online

Logic Mastering FX

Logic - Time stretch

music colleges is the beast way to learn live

Ableton - House Track

Ableton - Electro House

Ableton - Bodyrox

Sound Engineering Schools

Waves L1

Waves R eq

importance of music education

Waves Rbass

almost every music colleges use waves plug-ins

Waves C4

Logic Pro Laying Vocal


Ohm Force - OhmBoyz

Massive - Lead

Glitch VST

Logic 8 Audio Quantizing

Logic Studio

ProTools - Template

Pro Tools Production

ProTools - Reason Rewi 2

Music Production Pro tools

ProTools Reason Rewired

Music Production

Moog - Minimoog

Music Production

Moog - Prodigy Syn

Music Synthesizer

Korg - Monopoly

Music synthesizer

Ableton live Sampler

recording mixing Music Production !

Cubase - loops

Music Production Tips

Cubase 4 - External MIDI

mixing recording Tips

ReCycle - Chopping Loop

music production tip

Logic pro - swing tip 1

mixing Tips

Kick drum - compression

Music Production Tips

Logic Pro Aux Effects

Music Production Tips

Logic Drum Editing

Music Production Tips

Logic Mixing Drums 1

Music Production Tips

Acapella for the mix

Logic 8 - Quick Swipe

Beat Mapping

benefits of music education

Ableton Creating Beats

Soon i will add articles about music production,mixing music,recordings !

Ableton Live Sidechain

Ableton Live - operator 3

Soon i will add articles about music production,mixing music,recordings !

Ableton Electro House

Ableton Beat Warping !

Autotune t-pain effect

Melodyne - GLaDOS Fx

Fl Studio - Sync Acapella

Vocoder in FL Studio

Reason 4 ReGroove Mixer

Soon i will add articles about music production,mixing music,recordings !

Reason Song Tutorial

music education articles

Logic Studio Rewire

music education research

Groove Templates

music education articles

Logic Studio EXS 24

Logic Studio ES 2

Kontakt 3 Sampling Line

music education grants

NI Kontakt 3 - TUTORIAL'S

Cubase Making Beat

Elastic Audio in ProTools

Comparing Comp Drums

Cubase 4 Recording takes

sound engineer courses

Cubase 4 Sidechain Comp

Cubase sx3 sidechain

Sound Engineer College

Ultrabeat 1-2

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