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Welcome to music production college. I collect a lot of music production videos. ! Logic studio,Ableton live,Cubase,Reason,Fl-studio,kontakt,auto-tune and many more. So take your time to wach them. you can wach them directly from here !!! I advise you to read allot and to see a lot of videos and practice! Maybe considering to go to music colleges and study more enjoy :) i will add new videos every couple of days Soon i will add articles about music colleges, production,mixing,and recordings New Producer Masterclass Tutorials !

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Steinbergs latest version of cubase is out,

Cubase 5 and its a big update.
With the new tools and plugins cubase is a power editing audio program.
The new variaudio is a new way to edit the pitch and its
very similar to autotune and melodyne, and
it built into cubase and you don't need to buy third-party plug ins.
The new pitch correct plug-in is a real-time pitch correction wonderful tool.
Another new approvement is a articulations controller it let you
control your instruments in side cubase, and it relay
helpful to all music producers in the scoring music indrusty.
Beat Designer is another new plug in, MIDI step sequencer let you manipulate
and crate drum patterns.
Loopmash is another loop instrument it can cut your sampels and make a new sound.
Reverence is a new convolution reverb from Steinberg it sound
very good and its comes with cubase 5 for free.

Basically steinberg has taken all the best ideas from sonar, reasson, pro tools and logic
and put it in cubase 5.

Here are some examples cubase of the new futures.

Variaudio Audio Stretching

Cubase 5 Pitch Correct

Cubase using Beat Designer

Reverence reverb

Cubase LoopMash

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